Light Microscopy

Olympus SZH stereo microscope
Continuous magnification zoom from 7.5x to 64x.
Ring light or dual gooseneck illumination.

Image: Aggregate in cement.

Olympus BH reflected light microscope.
Four lenses provide magnifications of 50x, 100x, 200x, and 400x. 
Polarized illumination option.
Ultraviolet illuminator is seen behind the scope to the left.

Image: Fe-Ga, 400x

Olympus BH-2 transmitted light microscope.
Five lenses provide magnifications of 50x, 100x, 200x, 400x, and 1000x. 
Multiple modes of illumination and imaging (bright field, phase contrast, polarized light).

Image: Cement thin section 
using crossed polars.

Pixera CCD video camera.
Provides image sizes from 320 to 1280 pixels across.  
Macro lens focuses down to a working distance of 25 mm with a 35-mm field. 
The lab jack aids with fine focus for large samples.

Image: Cement core 
approx 2" in diameter

Pixera camera mounted on stereo microscope. 
The same relay lens fits into the phototube of all three microscopes and provides near-parfocal operation with the eyepieces.

Image: Aggregate in cement core. 
Pixera camera in "macro" mode.