Sample Submission

MARL requires all samples to be officially submitted for analysis.

Effective January 1, 2019, MARL is no longer accepting paper sample submission forms.
It is joining the rest of the Biotech service labs in using OnCore to make sample requests online. PIs will be copied on the request by e-mail to help them track activities.

The new system is
Be sure to allow pop-ups from the site.

All users will need to go online to create a profile and enter their information. However, if you have already created a profile for use with one of the other Biotech facilities, you are already set. You should not create another profile for MARL. You may simply submit samples.

You will need to supply your departmental accounting office contact information along with the account number. Be sure to get it when you are given the account number.

The OnCore system is separate from any other ISU system. You may want to use your ISU NetID as your login, but you should not use the same password. The OnCore system is quite limited and is not subject to the rigorous password requirements of other systems.
(You may contact the MARL manager if you have forgotten you login credentials. )

Users requiring staff assistance for running samples will now go online to fill out their requests.

Those running samples for themselves will continue much as now. They will need to "submit a sample" once. They should indicate that this "sample" is a standing order for work to be done at MARL. This may need to be repeated yearly or whenever the account number changes.

A sample form will pop-up for printing. If you don't allow pop-ups, you may get a screen indicating your profile is invalid. Ignore that message. The sample submission should still be created and e-mailed to you. If you do not get the e-mail soon, go back and repeat the process.

The new system will help manage account numbers. The current account numbering system will be undergoing extensive changes as WorkCyte is implemented and numbers may get much more complicated. This will allow users to register their own numbers in an effort to avoid errors. MARL staff will still need to enter new account numbers into Coral before the instrument session.