The lab operates a PANalytical PW2404 X-ray fluorescence spectrometer. The spectrometer is equipped with a 60-specimen sample changer for automated operation. The spectrometer utilizes a rhodium target X-ray tube and a 4kW generator to provide the primary X-ray beam. This provides good sensitivity for the determination of all elements from boron through uranium.

The spectrometer is fully computer-controlled and the user has access to both qualitative and quantitative analysis software. Specimens can be introduced into the spectrometer as bulk solids (powders, pellets or fused disks) or as liquids or semi-solids. A full range of XRF sample preparation equipment is also available.

PANalytical PW-2404 X-ray Spectrometer (click on images for a larger view)

Robotic sample changer. The X-ray analysis chamber is below the center of the sample table. 60 samples can be loaded at one time.
Schematic of the spectrometer system showing critical parameters.

Cr in high-purity alumina showing the sensitivity of X-ray fluorescence.

  • Full scale is about 100 ppm Cr (black trace).
  • The sample denoted in blue contained about 2.5 ppm Cr.
The limit of detection is about 0.4 ppm at 200 seconds of counting (brown trace)